Eagles News · Pick Up a Whistle!

You have undoubtedly attended a high school athletic contest over the years, and the one thing that is consistent at each of those events are the hard working men and women who dedicate their time to give back to the game they love. You may have even thought about becoming a high school official yourself! As each year goes by, the number of officials across the state and the country are dwindling. Without officials, contests cannot be played and our hard working student athletes will suffer. Soon, our Athletic Departments may be facing that possibility. Licensed officials can earn anywhere between $50 and $100 a night depending on what sport and type of contest that they officiate.  

If you or anyone else you know wants to give back to the game, see the flyer at the following link Pick Up A Whistle!

The Northern Indiana Conference and John Adams Athletics is encouraging all interested to consider applying to become a licensed IHSAA Official.

It may not be as easy as it looks from the stands or the sidelines, but you would be doing the student athletes in our community and area a great service. The officiating community is always welcoming new members and they are the unsung heroes of interscholastic athletics. New officials that join the St Joseph Valley Association are mentored and offered professional development opportunities. 

If unwilling to give officiating a try, please consider your reluctance to do so the next time when attending an interscholastic athletic contest and you disagree with a call. Contest officials deserve our highest appreciation and respect. Support them jsut like the teams that you are in attendance to watch.