Eagles News · Senior Highlight – Logan Hansen

Logan Hansen

John Adams Athletics is recognizing all of its outstanding Senior Student Athletes for their outstanding work in athletics, the classroom, and their amazing leadership.


What was your favorite memory at John Adams?

My favorite memory is when we did karaoke at the Varsity trip.

What is one thing that you had to have in your bag before you got on the bus?


What position(s) do you play?


What was your inspiration or who inspired you to compete?

My older sister; she player her four years of high school.

What is your favorite quote related to athletics

“There is only one way to succeed in anything… and that is to give it everything.”

Are there any achievements, awards, or honors you would like us to acknowledge?

JV Most Improved Player 2016 and Kiwanis Award 2019

Advice for underclassmen and your teammates?

Work hard but more importantly have fun while you’re on the field, each season goes by faster than you think.

What message would you like to send to the John Adams community and fans?

Thank you for supporting and cheering JA on at all sporting events.

What are your future plans? 

I am attending Ball State University for Interior Design.

Who would you like to thank or recognize?

I would like to thank my family for their support, my two sisters I was able to share the field with, my talented teammates, and my three coaches I got to learn from my four years playing soccer.

Message from Retired Head Girls Soccer Coach Caryn MacKenzie

Logan Hansen was the epitome of the selfless team player. She demonstrated tremendous leadership and a willingness to always put her teammates’ needs before her own. She brought a steadiness and a competitive spirit while playing goalkeeper for the JAGS program. Her work ethic was second to none. Thanks for 4 great years, Logan!


Congratulations Logan and best of luck at Ball State. Go Cardinals!