Eagles News · Senior Highlight – Stephania Montano Cardoso

Stephania Montano Cardoso

John Adams Athletics is recognizing all of its outstanding Senior Student Athletes for their outstanding work in athletics, the classroom, and their amazing leadership.


What was your favorite memory at John Adams?

Going to Football games and having the JA Swimming bake sale

Did you have a pre meet ritual? 

I listened to Cardi B and other hype songs

What is one thing that you had to have in your bag before you got on the bus?

Fruit snacks and my white Crocs

What events did you swim?

100 Freestyle, 50 Freestyle and only sometimes the 200 Freestyle

What was your inspiration or who inspired you to compete?

My mom inspired me to compete

What is your favorite quote related to athletics

Just do it!

Are there any achievements, awards, or honors you would like us to acknowledge?

My greatest achievement was learning how to swim because I joined the swim team without knowing how to swim so I am very proud that I achieved to learn how to swim as well as improved my swimming technique and times.

Advice for underclassmen and your teammates?

Always give your best effort to be the best at what you do no matter what it is

What message would you like to send to the John Adams community and fans?

We (the JA community and fans) are awesome!

What are your future plans? 

I intend to major in Biomedical Engineering at Holy Cross College

Who would you like to thank or recognize?

Coach Josh, Chase, Lori Camp and Lynn Kachmarik

Message from Head Girls Swim Coach Josh Skube

I admire Stephania’s dedication and commitment to come back and finish her senior year of swimming. She was always one of those student-athletes that never second guessed any of the challenges that the coaches placed in front of her. 


Congratulations Stephania and best of luck at Holy Cross. Go Saints!