Eagles News · Senior Highlight – DaQuejiha Vaughn

DaQuejiha Vaughn

John Adams Athletics is recognizing all of its outstanding Senior Student Athletes for their outstanding work in athletics, the classroom, and their amazing leadership.


What was your favorite memory at John Adams?

My favorite memory at Adams probably would have to be when We had the homecoming parade, because I was in two of the groups that were in it and it was just fun to experience

Did you have a pregame ritual? 

My pregame ritual was to pray alone and make sure my hair was presentable

What is one thing that you had to have in your bag before you got on the bus?

I always had to have different sweats/pants and my regular shoes so that i could change right after the game

What position(s) do you play?

Most times i played post but at times i could play forward ( 4 & 5 )

What was your inspiration or who inspired you to compete?

My inspiration was myself I pushed myself to be better everyday, because it could have been taken away from me in a snap of a finger because of my heart murmur

What is your favorite quote related to athletics



Are there any achievements, awards, or honors you would like us to acknowledge?

I was a Cadet in the Civil Air Patrol program and i was the President of LOVE

Advice for underclassmen and your teammates?

Get involved with whatever you can don’t take highschool for granted make it a fun experience for yourself

What message would you like to send to the John Adams community and fans?

You guys changed me as a whole, showed me that it is people who care, even if they don’t know you. Taught me that i could do anything if i work for it

What are your future plans? 

I plan on going to college which is undecided but i know i will be studying social work

Who would you like to thank or recognize?

I would like to thank Ms Hoston, for guiding me in the right direction, telling me what she thinks is best for me or just advice over all and always telling me she noticed my growth as a whole. Also the security guard Q, she saw me at my lowest and didn’t walk away. She helped me bring myself back to happiness.