Eagles News · Sports Live Streaming Scams – Be Aware!

Throughout the last few months, there have been many false ads popping up on social media for live stream links to different athletic events. These are typically scams trying to get personal information or money for a service they do not provide. 

Any stream or event from John Adams Athletics will be posted on our website and our YouTube pages. Any outside link that is not sent out by our official sites is most likely a scam site. We will promote events on our accounts and website.

We have not been charging for our live streams and continue to plan on not charging in the future. These scam links will typically have a generic photo and will tag multiple Facebook accounts trying to reach as many people as possible.  

Please be sure to be aware of this and share this information. If you ever have a question please contact the athletic department and we will be able to confirm if a link is legitimate or if it is fake. 

This spring, there most likely be very few live stream events, but we do plan on posting replays of many of our home events. Once again, these will be advertised on our accounts and website.

Please be aware of these scams and keep safe virtually!