Home Athletic Event Information

2019 Boys and Girls Track & Field

All home meets for the season will be held at the John Adams Track. Spectators for Track & Field should park in the large parking lot located behind the school building and the Tennis Courts.

2019 Baseball

Home games are played at School Field, located behind Jefferson Middle School and adjacent to TCU School Field and Tallman-Beyrer Field. Parking for spectators is in the parking lot between Jefferson Middle School and TCU School Field. Spectators should enter the facility at the field pressbox.

2019 Softball

Home games for the 2019 season will be played at Pottowatomi Park, located just east of John Adams. Parking for softball games at the facility can be limited. There are a few limited spots located in the grass behind the field and can also be found along Wall Street, just north of the field. Do not park along Mishawaka Avenue.

Spectators may enter the field behind the backstop.

2019 Girls Tennis

Home tennis matches are played at the John Adams Memorial Tennis Courts. Spectators are encouraged to park in the large lot between the tennis courts and the school building or along Wall Street.

2019 Boys Golf

Home golf matches are held at Erskine Golf Course. Erskine Golf Course is located on the south side of South Bend at 4200 Miami Street.

2018-2019 Boys Basketball

All home games are played at John Adams High School. There are two entrances for spectators, Door 14 and Door 1. Spectators can park in either of the lots located behind the school or the parking spaces alone Wall St. Door 6 is NOT an entrance used for Varsity and JV Boys Basketball

2018-2019 Girls Basketball

Home games are played at John Adams High School. Spectators are to enter Door #6 located along Mishawaka Ave.

2018-2019 Boys and Girls Swimming

The John Adams Pool is located in the rear of the building. Spectators should park in the rear parking lots and enter through Door 14.

2018-2019 Wrestling

Home wrestling matches will be hosted either in the A Gym or the B Gym. For any home wrestling match spectators should enter Door 6 located along Mishawaka Ave.

2018 Football

All home football games are played at TCU School Field, located next to Jefferson Intermediate Center.

For Varsity games fans are encouraged to park in the large field behind TCU School Field, entering off of the entrance on the corner of Sunnyside Ave. and South St., along Sunnyside Ave, or across from Jefferson Intermediate Center. South Bend Police are located to stop traffic to allow for safe crossing.

Spectators can enter the stadium at both the West and East entrances.

For JV and Freshmen games, parking is located in the lot between the stadium and the school. Entrances for spectators will be through the east gate only.

2018 Boys and Girls Soccer

Home games for both soccer teams is Tallman – Beyrer Field. Fans are encouraged to park in the lot between TCU School Field and Jefferson Intermediate Center. The gate to enter Tallman – Beyrer Field is located along the west end of the field.

2018 Volleyball

The volleyball teams plays all their home matches at John Adams High School. Spectators should park in the parking lot along Mishawaka Ave and enter Door #6