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General Spectator Info Spring 2021

For this season only (Spring 2021) John Adams HS will not be selling tickets for home athletic contests. John Adams Athletics wants to encourage fans and spectators to spread out as much as possible at our home events. Please bring your lawn chairs and for this season you are invited to spread out throughout the facilities to watch games or meets around the fields or the track.

Masks at all events WILL be required for the safety of all student athletes. coaches, and spectators.

Please note! Operating costs for athletics or home contests have NOT decreased. Donation buckets will be placed at the gates, concession stands, and throughout the facilities for those that wish to help fund the outstanding work that our student athletes are doing on a daily basis. Normal ticket costs are $6.00 and we ask that fans and families to please be generous to help us offset the costs of officials and equipment for this spring.

We look forward to welcoming fans back to spring sports after missing out last year. We are excited to bring back the fans in socially distanced crowds and to cheer on all of our teams in a POSITIVE way and promote good sportsmanship in education based athletics.

Go Eagles and best of luck to all of our sports this spring!

2021 Boys and Girls Track & Field

All home meets for the season will be held at the John Adams Track. Spectators for Track & Field should park in the large parking lot located behind the school building and the Tennis Courts.

Spectators this spring are encouraged to spread out both in the stands at the track as well as around the track facility. Fans will not be allowed on the inside of the track. Spectators are asked to socially distance themselves between others.

2021 Baseball

Home games are played at School Field, located behind Jefferson Middle School and adjacent to TCU School Field and Tallman-Beyrer Field. Parking for spectators is in the parking lot between Jefferson Middle School and TCU School Field. Spectators should enter the facility at the field press box.

This spring, fans are invited and welcome to watch games socially distanced around School Field. Fans can bring their lawn chairs to take in the games outside of the normal viewing area along the baseline fences and outfield fence.

2021 Softball

Home games for the 2021 season will be played at Potawatomi Park, located just east of John Adams. Parking for softball games at the facility can be limited. Fans are directed to park along Wall Street to the North of the diamond as well as the parking lots at Potawatomi Park located next to the pool and Kids Kingdom. Parking is PROHIBITED in the grass in the park. Do not park along Mishawaka Avenue.

This spring, spectators can sit behind the stands in the backstop but are also encouraged to socially distance themselves and bring lawn chairs to take in the game along the baseline fences or the outfield fence.

2021 Girls Tennis

Home tennis matches are played at the John Adams Memorial Tennis Courts. Spectators are encouraged to park in the large lot between the tennis courts and the school building or along Wall Street.

Fans are encouraged to socially distance themselves from other fans and can take in the matches in the stands inside the tennis facility or spread out along the fences of the tennis courts. Fans can bring their lawn chairs to set up to take in the action.

2021 Boys Golf

Home golf matches are held at Erskine Golf Course. Erskine Golf Course is located on the south side of South Bend at 4200 Miami Street.

Spectators and walkers will be subject to policies put in place by the South Bend Parks Department and City of South Bend.